Juoduomené x
Artificial Dance
Poster Design

Poster for Juoduomené residency at Opium Club, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Aerial Palettes Identity
 Logo Design

Aerial Palettes is an independent platform that provides support to emerging artists from both self-taught and university backgrounds.

Aerial Palettes Exhibition
Poster Design

The Aerial Palettes first exhibition will present a blend of sculpture, photography, A/V installations and a VR Experience.

‘Waiting Room’ Group Exhibition, NON Berlin
Poster Design
The group exhibition ‘Waiting Room’ by the seven artists takes as its starting point the Buddhist notion of patience, a state merging the past and future into the present moment and triggering awareness. This deeper consciousness is reflected both digitally and organically which will be expressed as painting, sculpture, installation, media art, and performance art in NON Berlin.

Identity Design

Basilar is an intimate event in Northern Portugal carefully designed to welcome a knowledgeable and music-focused community. With techno as their framework, they embrace its forward drive and risk-taking nature to form a compelling and unified experience.